Who We Are

GBB is a market leading team of forensic scientists, engineers and collision investigators who can offer impartial and expert advice for motoring and engineering matters.

GBB differentiates itself from other consultancies with its own self-funded research department and has been acknowledged in Court for its ‘research based and reasoned approach’.

At GBB, we believe that first-hand research is essential for knowledge and understanding of all aspects of road traffic accident investigation and this, combined with our experience, makes us a leader in the field of collision investigation and accident reconstruction.


GBB consists of a team of professional engineers and scientists with varied backgrounds, experience and qualifications.

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List of engineers….


Brian Henderson

Managing Director

Brian Henderson is a forensic collision investigator with over 25 years’ experience of investigating motor vehicle collisions. He has a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in the field of forensic science. 


Philip Hoyes

Technical Director

Philip Hoyes has experience in the investigation, analysis and reconstruction of vehicle incidents and vehicle fires. A qualified Collision Investigator, he regularly examines motor vehicles with respect to consistency of alleged accident damage, occupant kinematics and component failure.


Paul Fidler

Large Loss Director

Paul Fidler manages catastophic personal injury, serious and fatal cases at GBB. He has a degree in physics and is a full member of the Institute of Physics. Paul has experience acting in an expert witness capacity and has given evidence in court for both civil and criminal proceedings.


Dr. Richard Ellwood

Consultant Engineer

Dr Richard Ellwood is an chartered engineer with a Doctorate, Honours Degree and an HND in Automotive Engineering and related subjects. He examines vehicles and components, conducts in-depth failure analysis investigations and reconstructs road traffic collisions.