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GBB was congratulated today by Premex for the ‘wonderful presentation and contribution’ made to the Premex Group Annual Conference in Birmingham on Tuesday.

Technical Director, Phil Hoyes and Large Loss Director,  Paul Fidler presented to over 125 medico-legal experts who had attended the conference from across the country, which was the biggest yet following on from the recent changes in the industry and the reforms in the low value personal injury claims process.

Providing an overview from an engineering perspective, Phil and Paul’s topical presentation demonstrated how different accident scenarios can influence mechanisms of injuries and the levels of trauma sustained.

As the information regarding accident circumstances (as presented by the injured party, instructing solicitors or third party insurers) remains subjective and subject to potential bias, the only real solution is to arm the medical expert with factual, objective information from an independent source.

Dr Scot Darling, Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Lead at Premex Group, said: “Feedback has been excellent and the delegates have expressed how much they enjoyed listening to you speak.”

Dr Darling added that it would be great to work with GBB again next year and that Premex was “truly lucky having GBB as such a valuable resource”.


It is hoped that the medical expert will be able to use the information and research provided by GBB when examining their patient and giving their diagnosis.

GBB contributed to the conference alongside barristers and solicitors, advising on fraud detection and good reporting, and a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, discussing the determination of prognosis.

The seminar was held to give valuable insight into the recent reforms and allow the audience to engage with all the delegates.

Premex Services is the UK’s leading provider of independent medico-legal reports, used to assist in the resolution of personal injury claims. Established in 1996, Premex Services is supported by a team of over 300 employees and operates from its headquarters in Bolton.

It serves over 800 individual customers from across the legal profession and insurance industry, and is a forward thinking company with a track record of providing customer focused solutions that deliver convenience, speed, innovation and quality.


This weekend(1st and 2nd October 2011) sees the 2011 ITAI International Conference take place at The Queens Hotel, Leeds.

Keynote speakers at the conference include:-

Jim Horne – Loughborough Sleep Research Centre.
Paul L Olson – Human Factors in Transportation Safety
Ralf‑Roland Schmidt-Cotta – Continental Automotive GmbH; Operation Veronica and EDR future in Europe
Martin Coyne – Technical Director of the Rotterdam Police, heads the EU CrashCube vehicle data retrieval project.

GBB will have a presence at the conference with directors Phil Hoyes and Paul Fidler being in attendance.

If you are attending the conference and see Paul or Phil, please introduce yourself.