Static Side Impact

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Volkswagen Polo


Mass = 700 kg (no occupant)
Speed at impact = 0 mph
Resultant ∆v = 8 mph


Extensive bowing to nearside door.
Crease to door below mirror.
Bowing of rear quarter panel in front of the rear wheel arch.
Damage to the sill below front nearside door.

Vauxhall Nova


Mass = 775 +75 = 850 kg
(incl. driver)
Speed at impact = 12.3 mph
∆v = 7.1 mph


Bonnet creased across width.
Front wings bowed over the wheel arch.
Front bumper displaced.
Buckled leading edge of wing by nearside indicator.
Slam panel buckled downwards at front edge.
Vertical crease through bonnet and down through bumper due to impact with B-pillar of the Polo.

Occupant Symptoms

Immediate symptoms of general shock but no pain.
Minor twinge to left wrist within 30 minutes – vanished after 5 minutes.
No other short or long term symptoms.

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