Significant Bike Claim Defeated by GBB Large Loss Investigation

A rider was seriously injured when his motorcycle ploughed into the side of a Kia motorcar that turned across his path – and GBB were asked to investigate.

The Defendant told police that she believed the road was clear when she turned right into a showground entrance. However, before the turn was complete her vehicle was struck in the nearside by the Claimant and his Yamaha who had been travelling in the opposite direction.
As a result of the smash The Claiamnt, who sustained broken ribs, broken limbs and a ruptured spleen, subsequently launched a claim against The Defendant and her insurers.
The insurers instructed GBB and our Dr Rick Ellwood conducted the investigation. He laser scanned the site but was unable to examine the vehicles.
Analysing police scene evidence and his site survey Dr Rick’s concluded that:
  • 1. The motorcycle was not in view when The Defendant commenced her turn;
  • 2. The Claimant was travelling at a speed of between 89 and 106 mph.
  • 3. Had The Claimant been travelling at the speed limit of 60 mph then he could have stopped or slowed down sufficiently for the collision to be avoided.
GBB were recently told that the Claimant’s claim – described by the insurer as ‘significant’ in value – had been dropped entirely.