A collision reconstruction uses all of the available evidence to determine the most likely sequence of events and the actions of those involved leading up to the collision, and produces a CPR-compliant report for the Court.

GBB (UK) Ltd has experts with the necessary experience, and engineering and physics qualifications to produce reconstruction reports for collisions involving the following:

  • Bicycles
  • Motorcars
  • Mopeds and Motorcycles
  • Light and heavy commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles and plant equipment
  • Pedestrians
  • Animals

GBB (UK) Ltd also has the capability and expertise to carry out computer simulations of the collision / incident that can be used to support traditional analysis techniques. The software can also be used to produce animations which clearly demonstrate the circumstances leading up to the collision.

Video footage from dashboard cameras, mobile phones and council or private CCTV of an incident is becoming increasingly common and the video quality is continuously improving. GBB (UK) Ltd can analyse the video footage frame by frame to estimate speeds and distances.