Desktop Analysis


The available evidence is reviewed and an initial expert opinion is provided within three days of us receiving the instruction.

The output is a brief non-disclosable report which provides an opinion detailing whether the concerns surrounding the case are justified and if the evidence is sufficient for a CPR-compliant report to be produced, or whether further evidence or investigation is required.

This service provides a cost-effective way of determining whether further and more detailed investigations are required and whether they are likely to be beneficial. If a further investigation is likely to be of assistance, the appraisal sets out a proposed outline of exactly what the further investigation would involve and what the likely outcome would be. The cost of the appraisal is fixed at £80 plus VAT.

CPR – Compliant Report

A full CPR-Compliant report can be carried out either in the first instance or following completion of an appraisal.

The report will contain a detailed review of the evidence that has been provided and, where appropriate, the conclusions reached on issues such as damage consistency, causation and occupant movement.