Revolutionary GBB Research Published

The latest paper written by GBB (UK) Ltd staff after ground-breaking research conducted by the company has been published this month.

The paper, entitled ‘A study into the propensity for exhaust gas ingress into a vehicle as a result of collision damage’, was published in The International Journal for Vehicle Safety (IJVS), through Inderscience Publishers.

Written by Brian Henderson, Mike Hall and Philip Hoyes, the report describes an investigation into the ingress of carbon monoxide and, by implication, other exhaust gas components into the interior of a vehicle through areas of simulated damage at the rear, and the results of that investigation.

In a low-speed collision when a vehicle is struck in the rear, certain types of damage may occur that cause a breach between the interior of the vehicle and the outside atmosphere. In the presence of these types of damage it is often thought that the vehicle’s own exhaust gases may be able to enter the interior of the vehicle. As a consequence that vehicle may be deemed unsafe for continued use.

This report disproves this theory, through rigorous testing and revolutionary findings.

The IJVS provides an authoritative source of information in the field of vehicle safety design, research and development. It serves applied scientists, engineers, policy makers and safety advocates with a platform to develop, promote and coordinate the science, technology and practice of vehicle safety.