Rear-End Collision @ 11.1 Mph

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Toyota Celica

Mass = 1135 + 75 + 75 = 1285kg (incl. driver and passenger)

Initial speed = 0 mph

∆v = 5.97 mph

Occupant Symptoms


Immediate Symptoms: Impact – Momentary Disorientation.

No obvious symptoms for 24 hours.

30 – 48 hours: Pain behind left kidney (stiff/sore).

Disturbed sleep.

After 48 hours: Stiff neck, slight restriction on full turn of head.

Day 3: Discomfort during the night, stiff back first thing in morning, easing after bath, neck problem gone.

Day 4: Lower back stiff in morning quickly eased off.

Day 5: Slight ache in back after full days work.

Medication: 0-48hours 3 ibuprofen.

Restricted activities: Unable to play golf on Friday 3rd June.


Immediate Symptoms: Disorientated shock, shaken and a bit sick.

Symptoms within 10 minutes: Still shaken and feel sick.

Symptoms within 30 minutes: Still shaken, sick feeling going, slight headache.

Symptoms within 1 hour: Slight headache.

Symptoms within 6 hours: Slight headache.

Symptoms within 12 hours: Asleep.

Symptoms within 24 hours: Slight ache around shoulders and neck no worse than having been to the gym.

Symptoms within the course of the next 7 days: Ache around shoulders continued for about five days.

Vauxhall Carlton

Mass = 1166 + 75 + 75 = 1316 kg (incl driver and passenger)

Impact speed = 11.1 mph

∆v = 5.79 mph

Occupant Symptoms


Immediate Symptoms – Slight chest stiffening.

No other short or long term symptoms.


No short or long term symptoms.

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