Philip Hoyes presents to the I.T.A.I AGM

Yesterday, GBB Technical Director, Philip Hoyes, presented GBB’s ‘Ride Height’ research to fifty of the top bodies of the industry at The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators Annual General Meeting in Solihull, West Midlands.

Philip presented the ‘Measurement of Vehicle Height Changes Under Maximum Braking’ research paper, which was recently published in the Impact journal.

The presentation was well received. One member of the ITAI commented afterwards that he would be interested in doing some dual-research with GBB.

Richard Lambourn (TRL) held a presentation on ‘Pedestrian – Car Collisions’, which led nicely onto GBB’s topic of research, and Dr David Yeo (an A&E Consultant at University Hospital Birmingham) held a presentation on ‘Collision-related Injuries’.

GBB has researched and developed an informative report after investigations into the changes in height that can occur during braking, as it is an important consideration for all experts in the industry when checking for damage consistency between two vehicles that have collided.

In reconstructing a collision between two vehicles, it is often necessary to attempt to match up areas of damage between vehicles. Differences in heights and damage can sometimes be explained if one or both of the vehicles are braking at the moment of impact. This requires knowledge of the change in heights at the front and rear of similar vehicles under conditions of maximum braking.