GBB Evidence Strikes Out 70k Claim

GBB findings have led to a £70,000 claim being struck out after one of our forensic experts provided evidence that was preferred by the Judge in a recent court case. The case was a three-car shunt collision and involved a VW, a Land Rover and a Ford, whereby the VW driver was claiming £54k in […]

Brilliant Detective Work By GBB Expert

A GBB forensic expert has recently epitomised the importance of our work here at GBB in the insurance industry by undisputedly proving a Claimant’s version of the accident circumstances to be false. Using expert engineering evidence and a little bit of detective work, our expert has provided a report that brought the veracity of the claims in […]

Diagnostic Kit Success – Hire and Storage Charges Scrapped

In an interesting case this month, a GBB expert provided a report that proved five months of hire and storage claims to be false. The case was in regards to a BMW that was held in storage, with the owner hiring another car, for five months due to it being unroadworthy following a collision. The […]

Revolutionary GBB Research Published

The latest paper written by GBB (UK) Ltd staff after ground-breaking research conducted by the company has been published this month. The paper, entitled ‘A study into the propensity for exhaust gas ingress into a vehicle as a result of collision damage’, was published in The International Journal for Vehicle Safety (IJVS), through Inderscience Publishers. Written […]