New Expert – Russell Danton

GBB are delighted to announce the appointment of Russell Danton as a Forensic Collision Investigator.

Russell will join the team on Monday 21st February 2011.

Russell will join GBB from The Vehicle Safety Research Centre (VSRC) at Loughborough University where he holds the position of Senior Accident Research Investigator. He has a Bsc in Applied Science and Forensic Measurement.

Russell’s role with the VSRC has seen him investigate real world accidents attending the scene within 20 minutes of occurrence to collect the data, talk to witnesses and investigate the factors which influence the accident and its outcomes. He has investigated all severities from non- injury to fatal accidents attending with the police force in order to gain access to the scene and sensitive information. This information obtained is used for analysis and research purposes in order to advise the DfT and Highways Agency for policy making and general accident data analysis.

Russell has attended in excess of 600 collisions and also worked on an EC project investigating real world accidents across Europe reviewing common causation trends and developing common investigation methods to enhance analysis methods across the EU member states.


Russell has also been the co-author of the following papers which we hope to make available for download from this site:-

Danton, Kirk, Rackliff and Hill (2009) Left-hand drive HGVs and foreign truck drivers in OTS Report for the Department for Transport


Danton, Kirk and Hill (2009) Mainland European truck accidents in the UK – Key issues for drives for the 21st ESV conference


Lenard, Maguire, Danton, Reed and Morris (2008) HGV headlamp aim Report for the Department for Transport


Cuerden, Richards, Danton, Hill and Ashton (2007) A comparative review of pedestrian injury severity with respect to car impact speed for the Department for Transport


Lenard, Danton, Hill (2010) Accident data study in support of development of autonomous emergency braking test procedures (publication pending)