New Customer Service Procedures

At GBB (UK) Ltd we are mindful of customer service and we are embarking upon a series of alterations to the way in which we operate in order to improve our customer service and reduce turnaround times whilst maintaining our high quality levels.

We try to balance the urgency of instructions against the need to make the work as cost effective as possible. As previous clients will know, we do try to pass on the benefits of grouping instructions by sharing the travel costs between the various instructors. We believe that this is the most cost effective way of working and that our procedures benefit our clients as well as ourselves.

During the last month we have introduced a new client update system whilst also ensuring that we maintain regular contact with the parties whose vehicles we have been asked to inspect. In addition, we are committed to investing in new experts and improved case management systems. It is hoped that the benefits of these improvements will become apparent over the course of the next few weeks.

As always, we invite feedback on any aspect of our service and we are happy to listen to our clients ideas and suggestions.