Glancing Collision @ 24.9 Mph

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Ford Escort


Mass incl. occupant = 1125 kg

Longitudinal ∆v = 2.50 mph

Lateral ∆v = 3.87 mph

Contact time = 0.5 sec

Occupant Symptoms

Shock and jolt during impact

Within 10 minutes: Slight headache, stiffness to upper back, stiff neck.

Within 30 minutes: Slight headache – no change.

Within 1 hour: Sign of easing symptoms.

Within 6 hours: No remaining symptoms.

Citroen AX


Mass incl. occupant = 820 kg

Impact speed = 24.9 mph

Longitudinal ∆v = 6.9 mph

Occupant Symptoms

No short or long term adverse symptoms.

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