GBB To Present at ‘Engineer Your Future’ Event

Due to the ‘excellent Nuffield placement’ that the company undertook in July, GBB has been requested to attend two of the North West ‘Engineering Your Future’ career events this month to lend their expertise and experience to hopeful young students.

This annual event, now in its 7th year in the North West, has been established to provide an opportunity for attendees to see engineering as a career worth pursuing, and to help them make an informed choice.

Andrew Medd, of the Joint Institution Group (NW), contacted Mike Hall, of the Research Department, after GBB was highly recommended by Dr David Ward, the Nuffield Coordinator, due to a successful student work placement.

The day will comprise of an inspirational talk by a young graduate/technician, followed by interactive workshops presented by engineers/technicians from leading companies covering the five disciplines of engineering: Mechanical, Civil, Electrical/Electronic, Chemical, and Engineering.

GBB was immediately considered as the substitute for BAE Systems, who pulled out at the last minute. The company was invited to attend the two events, being held in Burnley and Preston, due to being a prominent business in the industry, with highly-regarded research, and experienced and knowledgeable engineers. Our enthusiasm and our success in the industry and with Nuffield led to us being the next obvious choice.

GBB impressed the event coordinators by stepping into the breach with short notice.

To an audience of up to 120 students from across East Lancashire, Phil Hoyes (Company Director) and Mike Hall will be presenting five 40minute workshops, comprising of a presentation explaining their interest in becoming an engineer, the route they took, the company they work for and the job they do now.

They will be conducting an interactive exercise for the students to take part in, looking into the causes of ‘Vehicle Roll-Over’.

Along with GBB, there will also be four other principle companies in attendance: Atkins, the largest engineering consultancy in the UK; CRODA, a global leader in speciality chemicals; STEM First, an organisation providing inspirational opportunities for young people and forging a link between schools and employers; and the Nuclear Institute, a professional body that provides memberships at both a professional level and to the layperson with an interest in nuclear matters.

 Institution of Civil Engineers

There will also be a lunchtime Market Place where local companies, training providers and universities will be available to answer individual questions and provide further advice on careers in engineering.

Jointly coordinated and sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institution of Civil Engineers, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the event is fully supported by STEMNET and the North West STEM Centres.

STEMNET is the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network, and it creates opportunities to inspire young people in STEM.

As well as improving the knowledge and recognition of our company in the community through supporting STEMNET, GBB can also become involved in helping young people gain knowledge and skills needed for future employment, help retain the UK’s position as a world leader in science and technology, and help the UK economy to stay healthy.

The Nuffield Student Work Placement Scheme, of which GBB is deeply supportive, allows students to experience a professional engineering and research environment.

Students spend a few weeks working within GBB and alongside the experts before presenting their findings in a national Nuffield event and, hopefully, being presented with a CREST award: a well-known and nationally recognised award run by The British Association for the Advancement of Science to help bridge the gap between science in the classroom and the ‘real’ world.

Work placements were given the go-ahead after Dr David Ward visited GBB and thought it was a “fantastic company” and was eager for us to get involved.