GBB Research Helps Convict ‘Crash For Cash’ Fraudsters

Research conducted by GBB has helped convict three men who were recently found guilty of staging a ‘crash for cash’ insurance scam.

GBB’s ‘Bus Crash’ testing research played a pivotal role in convicting the men, who are now all awaiting sentencing.

The three men, all from Liverpool, orchestrated a minor collision between a Renault Megane and a coach carrying 30 passengers from Liverpool to Manchester’s Belle Vue greyhound racing track.

After the crash, which happened on a roundabout between the East Lancashire Road and the M57, and which the coach driver did not notice, passengers on the coach complained they had suffered personal injuries.

The passengers then asked to go back to Bootle, Liverpool, and the coach driver watched on ‘amused’ as they ran across a dual carriageway to go to the pub, it is alleged.

All 30 passengers went on to make insurance claims for whiplash after the incident on December 9, 2011.

The 30 claims for whiplash were worth up to £5,000 each, bringing the cost up to a maximum of £150,000.

GBB’s research paper – ‘A Study of Human Kinematic Response To Low Speed ‘Rear End’ Impacts Involving Vehicles of Largely Differing Masses’ – (written by Brian Henderson and Phil Hoyes) was published online and in the ‘International Congress on Traffic Accident Investigation Publication’, 2009.

Kevin Taylor, a self-employed Collision Investigator, used this published research to support his evidence against the fraudsters, citing it in his report.

After a successful result he contacted Brian Henderson (Managing Director) to inform GBB of the “great result” and to thank him for the research.

GBB has a plethora of published research papers, including in ‘Impact: The Journal of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators’, the ‘Personal Injury Law Journal’, and the ‘Accident Analysis and Prevention Journal’.

The case came to court following an investigation by the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED).