GBB In China

Through the company’s close links with UCLAN, Brian Henderson was invited by the Institute of Forensic Science, Ministry of Justice, Shanghai, PRC, to address the International Congress on Traffic Accident Investigation held on 5th – 6th November 2009.

congress, held at the Grand Mercure Hotel, Shanghai, had a large international attendance with a number of eminent speakers.

GBB were the sole ‘flag bearers’ for the United Kingdom and the paper relating to occupant movement in collisions involving vehicles of largely differing masses was very well received.

The hospitality of the hosts was second to none and the contacts made will lead to new international friendships.

Brian said “This was a great opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world and to cement GBB’s position as a leader in the field of collision investigation. Discussions have taken place with a view to us being involved in exchange projects, allowing IFS experts to study the company’s methodology and research work particularly in the field of low speed change collisions. A reciprocal offer was made by the President and Deputy President to allow GBB experts to study with the IFS in Shanghai.”

“A sharing of knowledge on the international stage can only be considered as a positive move.”

The peer reviewed paper can be downloaded from the technical papers section of our company’s website. The video footage linked to the paper is also available on-line in our newly launched video centre.