GBB Impress At ‘EYF’ Event

GBB engineers received an excellent reception at the annual ‘Engineer Your Future’ event, on Friday.

Event organisers and students alike were impressed with GBB’s enthusiasm, ingenuity, experience and knowledgeable engineers.

So well received was GBB’s contribution that at the end of the day organisers asked the company to attend the next event, ‘EYF Career Awareness’, at Preston in November.

Held at Burnley’s Turf Moor, two GBB engineers presented to 120 selected students from across the North West about engineering as an established career and lent their expertise and experience to the hopeful young students.

Along with four other leading companies in the engineering industry, Phil Hoyes (Company Director) and Mike Hall (Research) used presentations and hands-on simulations to demonstrate the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects in engineering.

Andrew Medd, of the Joint Institution Group (NW), said:

“We cannot stage these events without the tremendous support of companies who see the wider picture and want to ‘put something back’ in promoting engineering and the need for students to study STEM subjects if they want to follow a truly exciting and worthwhile career.”

Phil delivered presentations about his career as a Professional Engineer and how he uses the application of STEM subjects to solve real-life problems.

Mike then demonstrated such applications with a practical display, using his ‘physical modelling’ of a collision.

One of the Student Mentors commented that it was “excellent to see the application of Newton’s Laws to relevant, real-life events”.

Jointly coordinated and sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institution of Civil Engineers, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the event was fully supported by STEMNET and the North West STEM Centres.