GBB Evidence Strikes Out 70k Claim

GBB findings have led to a £70,000 claim being struck out after one of our forensic experts provided evidence that was preferred by the Judge in a recent court case.

The case was a three-car shunt collision and involved a VW, a Land Rover and a Ford, whereby the VW driver was claiming £54k in hire and £16k in storage.

The circumstances of the collision were disputed. The Defendant (Land Rover) stated that they braked behind the VW before being impacted by the Ford, which pushed them into the rear of the VW.

The Claimant (VW) reported that the rear of their vehicle was struck twice by the Land Rover.

Our forensic expert, after inspecting two of the involved vehicles and examining photographic evidence of the third, determined that the Defendant’s version was correct.

He concluded that a collision had occurred between the front of the Land Rover and the rear of the VW. Despite the low quality colour photograph of the Ford, the damage to the front of the Ford and the rear of the Land Rover was consistent between them.


It was also found that the VW had unrelated damage to its rear.

Following our report, an assessing company was commissioned to prepare a report. This report concluded that a collision had occurred between the VW and the Land Rover but claimed that the photograph of the Ford was too low a quality to form an opinion as to the consistency of such damage with the rear of the Land Rover.

A Joint Statement was then prepared between the GBB forensic expert and the vehicle damage assessor. Despite agreeing on certain points, the assessor would not accept that damage could be seen to the front of the Ford.

In the recent court case, under cross-examination, the assessor eventually conceded that the Ford did exhibit damage and that it could have resulted from a contact with the rear of the Land Rover.

The Judge preferred the GBB evidence and that of the Defendant over the Claimant and their assessor. The claim was struck out and costs were awarded.