GBB Aids in Discontinuation of Claim

A judge has recently dismissed all claims in a recent case in Coventry County Court thanks to the report and evidence given by a GBB engineer.

The evidence, given by Russell Danton, was accepted completely and was said to be ‘reliable, accurate and common sense when looking at both of the vehicles’.

Russell Danton attended court earlier this month regarding a vehicle collision in July 2012. Russell had written a report, an Addendum report and a Joint Statement in relation to a claim earlier this year.

A Fiat and an Audi were said to have come into a collision after the Fiat pulled out of a side road into the correctly proceeding Audi. The total claim amounted to £23,000 with £6,000 claimed for the Audi’s repair, £13,000 of hire car charges and £4,000 storage charges. This does not take into account the solicitor’s costs.

After examining the Audi and considering engineering evidence in relation to the Fiat, Russell concluded that even though the damage to the Audi could be reflective of the collision scenario, the magnitudes of damage between the two vehicles were inconsistent.

The low level of damage to the Fiat was not reflective of the extent of the damage sustained to the Audi, suggesting that the Audi exhibited unrelated damage.

An alternative consultant, instructed by the Claimant’s Solicitors, suggested in a Joint Statement with Russell that the damage to the Fiat had been repaired and so did not represent the full extent of the damage sustained.

Russell determined that the repair invoice provided for the Fiat was undertaken after the vehicle had been first examined and the photographs used in the documentary evidence showed the pre-repaired condition of the Fiat.

A representative of our instructors was also present at the trial and they were very happy with the outcome and the work done by GBB.