Fire Investigation

Determining the origin and cause of a vehicle fire is a complicated task. All manner of fuel and ignition sources are tightly packed in a complex, flammable package. In just 15 minutes the evidence that would indicate what caused the fire will start to be destroyed.

Conducting fire investigations requires extensive knowledge and is an extremely detailed process, GBB UK has a team of experienced fire investigators with automotive engineering and Crime Scene Investigation backgrounds so they’ll be sure to carry out a detailed analysis in the most efficient and effective way. They have an in-depth knowledge of ignition temperatures, flashpoints, and flammability of the various materials which might identify the area of origin of the fire and get to the root of the cause of the thermal event wherever the possibility exists. We conduct independent, forensic-level examinations of all types of vehicle in order to solve all manner of fire-related investigations. Along with investigating automotive fires, our specialist team can also investigate small building and property fires.

The most common reasons for investigation:

  • Suspected theft
  • Suspected arson
  • Mechanical fault
  • Manufacturer dispute/ build fault/ recall
  • Liability following repair
  • Owner liability

Here at GBB UK, we recognise that in some cases, no matter how good the investigator, the physical evidence that provides the answers is no longer present, having been destroyed by the blaze. For that reason, GBB has a triage or evidence appraisal service and escalation procedure to help avoid unnecessary costs.

If you are looking to have a fire investigated but are concerned about the proportionality of a full forensic examination then our Fire Appraisal option will provide a low cost, rapid response view on the viability of forensic investigation based upon photographs and a simple questionnaire.

A Fire Appraisal is returned within 5 working days. Turnaround time on a forensic inspection and report is 10 working days.

If you want more information on our forensic fire investigation services, please contact our friendly team.