Diagnostic Kit Success – Hire and Storage Charges Scrapped

In an interesting case this month, a GBB expert provided a report that proved five months of hire and storage claims to be false.

The case was in regards to a BMW that was held in storage, with the owner hiring another car, for five months due to it being unroadworthy following a collision.

The incident involved a Honda colliding with the rear of the Claimant’s BMW. The Defendant averred that it was a low speed collision, causing minimal damage to either vehicle.

According to the recovery agent, the BMW was unroadworthy due to exhaust fumes entering into the vehicle because of damage sustained in the collision.

When our expert examined the vehicle, he discovered light impact damage to the centre and offside aspects of the rear bumper cover and moulding; a localised area of vertical distortion and gouging to the offside of centre of the rear bumper cover; and the bumper return to be slightly misaligned.

There was no damage or deformation to the inner structures and the “minimal and limited damage to the BMW was reflective of a low speed, linear collision”.

There was no forensic evidence or correlating contact marks to the vehicles in order to reconcile them, though the Defendant admitted that there was a low speed collision between the vehicles

When inspected, our expert found that there were exhaust gasses entering the vehicle and thus the BMW was indeed unroadworthy.


However, the gasses were entering from the engine compartment and not the rear exhaust system – contrary to the expectations given that the BMW was in a rear-end collision.

The expert also determined that the vehicle had four fault codes but none of them related to the light impact to the rear.

In conclusion, the GBB expert stated that the extent and nature of the damage to the BMW were not sufficient to render it unroadworthy post-collision, and that the vehicle had a pre-existing fault.

Therefore, the vehicle was unroadworthy prior to the index collision with the Honda, and the hire and storage charges were not in any way related to it.