Robert Gisby

Consultant Engineer

Head Office: Crown House, Bridgewater Close, Network 65, Burnley, BB11 5TE

Tel: 0345 2 577 677


  • BSc (Hons) Applied Technology
  • HND Motorsport Engineering
  • Certificate in Forensic Road Collision Investigation (ACPO Approved)
  • Road Safety Audit Course
  • Photography of Road Traffic Collisions (ITAI Approved)


Since 2010 Robert Gisby has dedicated his professional career to the forensic examination of motor vehicles for the purposes of insurance claim validation, specifically in respect of damage consistency and occupant displacement.

On multiple occasions the evidence gathered by Robert and the opinions in respect of such provided by him have allowed for fraudulent insurance claims to be successfully repudiated.

Robert has attended over 850 live road traffic collisions of varying severity on behalf of the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency, conducting locus inspections, vehicle damage examinations and investigating collision and occupant injury causation.

He is trained in Collision Reconstruction Techniques and is skilled in the photography of road traffic incidents, as well as qualified in the use of ‘PC-crash’ 3D animation and ‘AI Damage’ crush deformation computer programs.

Robert has attended conferences and workshops in relation to collision causation, vehicle safety and highway infrastructure. This has also included international conferences for the European Union commissioned road traffic collision casualty reduction projects, involving contributions towards reports for the European ‘SafetyNet’ and ‘SaferBrain’ projects.

Most recently Robert has worked on the RAIDS (Road Accident in-depth Study) research project on behalf of the Department for Transport.

He has correlated hundreds of occupant injuries from medical reports to the likely causes of these injuries from vehicle contact evidence and has a comprehensive understanding of the link between impact speed, vehicle damage, speed change and occupant injury – using this knowledge and expertise to give oral evidence in courts within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.