Philip Hoyes

Technical Director

Head Office: Crown House, Bridgewater Close, Network 65, Burnley, BB11 5TE

Tel: 0345 2 577 677


  • BEng (Hons) Automobile Engineering
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • HND Automotive Engineering
  • UCPD Forensic Collision Investigation
  • Forensic Fire Investigation


  • Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences


Bachelor of Automobile Engineering, Chartered Engineer and Technical Director at GBB, Philip Hoyes has experience in the investigation, analysis and reconstruction of vehicle incidents and vehicle fires. A qualified Collision Investigator, he regularly examines motor vehicles with respect to consistency of alleged accident damage, occupant kinematics and component failure.

A guest lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, Philip has been actively involved in many areas of transport related research at GBB, including full scale roll-into and crash testing and full scale bus crash and brake testing. As well as orchestrated this investigative research into collisions geared to the exploration of vehicle damage and occupant displacement arising from various full-scale crashes he has often made himself the monitored “crash-test dummy” in collisions from 2 to 12 mph.

He is the joint author of five pivotal research papers:

  • A Study of Human Kinematic Response To Low Speed Rear-End Impacts Involving Vehicles of Largely Differing Masses, presented at the International Congress on Traffic Accident Investigation in Shanghai 2009;
  • A Study of Extreme Partial Collisions, Impact, the Journal of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (2009)
  • Putting the 5 mph Whiplash Threshold to the Test, presented at the 2010 Spring Conference of the Chartered Society of Forensic Science.
  • A Study into the Effects of Low Speed Change Vehicle Collisions, Accident Analysis and Prevention (affiliated with the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine), Elsevier, (2013).
  • Measurement of Vehicle Height Changes Under Maximum Braking, Impact, the Journal of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (2014).
  • A Study into the Propensity For Exhaust Gas Ingress into a Vehicle as a Result of Collision Damage , International Journal of Vehicle Safety (2015).

As a vetted and registered Expert Witness, Philip has provided expert evidence in Civil, Criminal and Magistrates’ courts in England and District, County courts and the High Court in Ireland.

His approach has been described as “more scientific as one would expect given his qualifications” in County Court where the judge ‘much preferred’ “the evidence of Mr Hoyes as it is more concrete, more supported by tests of a scientific nature and more accurate on the facts of the case.” (November 2013.)