Mike Hall

Research & Training

Head Office: Crown House, Bridgewater Close, Network 65, Burnley, BB11 5TE

Tel: 0345 2 577 677


  • BSc (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering
  • MSc in Computational Methods and Fluid Mechanics


  • Member of the Institute of Physics


Mike has wide experience in experimentation and theoretical analysis in many areas of physics and engineering. Mike was employed for a number of years by the forerunner of BAE Systems when it was based at the old Brooklands racing track in Weybridge around the time of Concorde’s development.

Mike spent seven years in the nuclear industry dealing with radiological protection and the analysis of severe loss-of-coolant accidents in nuclear reactors. Worked on the Safety Case for the Sizewell B pressurized water reactor now operating in Suffolk.

Five years teaching and inspiring A-level Physics students in one of the most successful colleges in the UK and over twenty years teaching in the higher education sector to undergraduate and post-graduate students. His specialisms include vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer and engineering mechanics.

Mike has returned to GBB specialising in Research and Training. He supports the investigators in their application of science to vehicle collisions; provides a training program for new starters; analyses data originating from GBB’s crash testing program and carries out fundamental research into many aspects of vehicle collisions.