Ian Clark

Consultant Engineer

Head Office: Crown House, Bridgewater Close, Network 65, Burnley, BB11 5TE

Tel: 0345 2 577 677


  • City & Guilds ‘Motor Vehicle Investigation for Police Officers’
  • City & Guilds ‘Drivers’ Hours Recording Equipment – Examination and Calibration’
  • Forensic Investigation of Lightbulbs
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection – Heavy Vehicle
  • Tachograph Recording Equipment and Chart Analysis training
  • Vista FX – 3D Diagramming and Animation
  • Aras 360 – Advanced 3D Computer Diagramming for Crash Reconstruction


Mr Ian Clark is a Forensic Collision Investigator employed by GBB (UK) Ltd and is a former police officer with Humberside Police.

Mr Clark joined Humberside Police in 1986, performing general police duties, until moving to the traffic branch in 1992, where he remained until his retirement in 2016.  In 1996, he qualified as a Police Forensic Collision Investigator, a role that he has performed ever since.  He has dedicated his career to the forensic investigation of fatal and serious injury road traffic incidents along with the analysis of both analogue and digital tachograph records.

He qualified as a forensic collision investigator in 1996, having attended at and investigated many hundreds of road traffic incidents ranging from non-injury damage only matters to those involving multiple fatalities.  He has also investigated a number of industrial accidents where vehicles have been involved as well as incidents involving trains conflicting with vehicles or pedestrians.  Many of those investigations into the most serious incidents have involved the development and implementation of incident specific testing and research in order to fully explore and understand the circumstances of any given incident.  That testing and research ranged from the simple assessment of sight lines to much more complex vehicle handling and dynamics assessments.

Throughout his career, he has routinely carried out the physical inspection of both incident locations and vehicles, utilising his experience to assess the damage sustained and consider the consistency of that damage and physical scene evidence to the reported incident circumstances and the application of the laws of physics.  As part of his continued development he continually considers the latest national and international research and technical papers on the topic.

He has extensive experience in the use of land survey equipment as it relates to road traffic incident investigation, ranging from standard theodolite surveys to GPS and latterly, 3D laser scanning.  He has also received training in 3D animation and reconstruction software.

Mr Clark has compiled and presented many hundreds of reports from simple advice notes to solicitors to full detailed scientific reports for criminal trials.  He has given evidence and been recognised as an expert witness in the areas of forensic collision investigation and tachograph analysis in coroners, criminal and civil courts.