Brian Henderson

Managing Director

Brian Henderson is a forensic collision investigator with over 25 years’ experience of investigating motor vehicle collisions. He has a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in the field of forensic science. 

Philip Hoyes

Technical Director

Philip Hoyes has experience in the investigation, analysis and reconstruction of vehicle incidents and vehicle fires. A qualified Collision Investigator, he regularly examines motor vehicles with respect to consistency of alleged accident damage, occupant kinematics and component failure.

Paul Fidler

Large Loss Director

Paul Fidler manages catastophic personal injury, serious and fatal cases at GBB. He has a degree in physics and is a full member of the Institute of Physics. Paul has experience acting in an expert witness capacity and has given evidence in court for both civil and criminal proceedings.

Dr. Richard Ellwood

Consultant Engineer

Dr Richard Ellwood is an chartered engineer with a Doctorate, Honours Degree and an HND in Automotive Engineering and related subjects. He examines vehicles and components, conducts in-depth failure analysis investigations and reconstructs road traffic collisions.

Ian Clark

Consultant Engineer

Ian Clark is a Forensic Collision Investigator employed by GBB (UK) Ltd and is a former police officer with Humberside Police. He qualified as a forensic collision investigator in 1996, having attended at and investigated many hundreds of road traffic incidents ranging from non-injury damage only matters to those involving multiple fatalities.

Ronald Trivett

Consultant Engineer

Ronnie is a qualified motor mechanic with experience in the repair of private and commercial vehicles with a sound understanding of the materials and techniques used in their construction. He has attended many hundreds of collisions shortly after their occurrence, ranging in severity from non-injury impacts to fatal collisions. He has used this invaluable experience in ascertaining how various vehicles, construction techniques and materials behave on impact.

Daniel Mallon

Consultant Engineer

A former Crime Scene Investigator, Daniel has worked as a Forensic Collision Investigator with GBB since 2007. Daniel has experience acting in an expert witness capacity and has given evidence in court for both civil and criminal proceedings as well as being proficient in the preparation of reports for court.

Malcolm Sladden

Consultant Automotive Engineer

Malcolm Sladden is a Consultant Automotive Engineer employed by GBB. Following his early career in the motor industry, he has been employed as an independent expert for seventeen years, a staff engineer with a major insurer for five years and an accident investigator for three years.

Simon Farrell

Consultant Engineer

Simon has been extensively involved with the crash testing carried out at GBB, including as an occupant in a target car and a driver of a bullet car in rear-end collisions.

Russell Danton

Consultant Engineer

Trained in Collision Reconstruction Techniques, Russell Danton has attended over 600 live road traffic collisions on behalf of the Department of Transport and the Highways Agency.

Robert Gisby

Consultant Engineer

Robert Gisby has attended over 850 live road traffic collisions of varying severity on behalf of the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency, conducting locus inspections, vehicle damage examinations and investigating collision and occupant injury causation.

Stuart Isherwood

Consultant Engineer

A former police officer, Stuart has over 27 years’ experience of road traffic collisions, including 13 years dedicated to the Lancashire Constabulary’s Accident Investigation Unit and the Eastern Division Road Policing Unit.

Roger Flear

Consultant Engineer

Head Office: Crown House, Bridgewater Close, Network 65, Burnley, BB11 5TE Tel: 0345 2 577 677

Ady Stevens

Consultant Engineer

Ady routinely inspects collision vehicles for damage correlation and regularly conducts 3-Dimensional laser scanning and post processing on historical collision scenes and damaged vehicles. He is experienced in giving evidence to Criminal, Civil and Coroners’ Courts and is accepted as an expert witness for these purposes.

Mike Hall

Research & Training

Mike has wide experience in experimentation and theoretical analysis in many areas of physics and engineering. Mike was employed for a number of years by the forerunner of BAE Systems when it was based at the old Brooklands racing track in Weybridge around the time of Concorde’s development.

Graham Powell

Consultant Engineer

During his career as a Traffic Patrol Officer Graham Powell attended and investigated hundreds of collisions ranging in severity from minor non-injury through to serious injury and fatality.

Bob Newcombe

Consultant Engineer