GBB Welcomes Adrian Burgoyne

GBB are delighted to add Adrian Burgoyne to our growing team of Forensic Collision Investigators.

Adrian previously served with West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Police.

Adrian joined South Yorkshire Police in 1993 performing general Policing duties before moving to the Traffic department in 2000 and training as a Collision Investigator.

Adrian obtained the City & Guilds of London Institute qualification in Collision Investigation in 2003, prior to moving full time into this role in 2004. Except for a 6 month break working on the Motorcycle Wing, Adrian remained in post as a Collision Investigator until retirement in November 2017.

In January 2018 Adrian joined West Yorkshire Police in the role of Senior Forensic Collision Investigator, leaving in June 2018 to join GBB.


Adrian has been involved in hundreds of vehicle examinations during this time covering a wide range of vehicles from pedal cycles to large goods vehicles and the Super Tram and has attended specialised training courses relevant to this role.

He is a qualified City and Guilds tachograph analysist for digital and analogue systems.