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A market leading team of forensic scientists, engineers and collision investigators who can offer impartial and expert advice for motoring and engineering matters.

GBB differentiates itself from other consultancies with its own self-funded research department and has been acknowledged in Court for its ‘research based and reasoned approach’.

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GBB Research

At GBB, we believe that first-hand research is essential for knowledge and understanding of all aspects of road traffic accident investigation and this, combined with our experience, makes us a leader in the field of collision investigation and accident reconstruction.


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GBB Launch Vehicle Data Download Service

9th March 2018

Working with the manufacturer to secure exclusive access to state of the art technology, GBB Experts can now capture freeze frame data from accident damaged vehicles’ electronic control modules anywhere in Mainland UK! How Does It Work A portable device images stored on-board-diagnostic (OBD) fault codes and freeze frame data from a vehicle’s electronic control modules. GBB are […]

GBB Evidence Helps Defeat Fundamentally Dishonest Claim

9th March 2018

In a recent case at Wandsworth County Court, the Claimant claimed that a Range Rover reversed into his stationary Piaggio scooter and caused extensive damage.   The claim was disputed by the driver of the Range Rover who said that it was the scooter that had driven into the rear of his stationary vehicle.   The insurers […]

Significant Bike Claim Defeated by GBB Large Loss Investigation

9th March 2018

A rider was seriously injured when his motorcycle ploughed into the side of a Kia motorcar that turned across his path – and GBB were asked to investigate. The Defendant told police that she believed the road was clear when she turned right into a showground entrance. However, before the turn was complete her vehicle […]

Judge ‘Swayed’ By GBB Evidence

6th January 2016

A report by a GBB forensic expert has “swayed” a judge in a recent court case and was “essential to the Defence”. The GBB evidence provided led the judge to find in favour of the Defendant and throw out the Claimant’s injury claims. Our expert wrote a forensic examination report back in March 2012 after […]

GBB Evidence Strikes Out 70k Claim

6th January 2016

GBB findings have led to a £70,000 claim being struck out after one of our forensic experts provided evidence that was preferred by the Judge in a recent court case. The case was a three-car shunt collision and involved a VW, a Land Rover and a Ford, whereby the VW driver was claiming £54k in […]

Brilliant Detective Work By GBB Expert

15th October 2015

A GBB forensic expert has recently epitomised the importance of our work here at GBB in the insurance industry by undisputedly proving a Claimant’s version of the accident circumstances to be false. Using expert engineering evidence and a little bit of detective work, our expert has provided a report that brought the veracity of the claims in […]

Diagnostic Kit Success – Hire and Storage Charges Scrapped

15th October 2015

In an interesting case this month, a GBB expert provided a report that proved five months of hire and storage claims to be false. The case was in regards to a BMW that was held in storage, with the owner hiring another car, for five months due to it being unroadworthy following a collision. The […]

Revolutionary GBB Research Published

11th August 2015

The latest paper written by GBB (UK) Ltd staff after ground-breaking research conducted by the company has been published this month. The paper, entitled ‘A study into the propensity for exhaust gas ingress into a vehicle as a result of collision damage’, was published in The International Journal for Vehicle Safety (IJVS), through Inderscience Publishers. Written […]